Finding Better Places To Travel

Finding Better Places To Travel

4 Tips for Taking Pictures Inside a Hot Air Balloon

Riding in a hot air balloon is a rare experience that you will likely remember for your entire lifetime. To help capture those memories, many people decide to bring digital cameras up for the ride. Whether you’re riding in along in the open sky or part of a large hot air balloon fiesta, there are […]

CFS Or POTS? Why You Need To Know Before You Fly Overseas

According to studies, over half of all medical emergencies that happen during airplane flights involve fainting. While the data wasn’t conclusive enough to determine the most likely cause of the fainting episode that each traveler experienced, one condition that can cause fainting—especially at high altitudes—is postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, which is often misdiagnosed as chronic […]

5 Tips for Talking to Taxi Drivers

Recent studies have found that even though most people think that they would rather complete their travel in silence, they actually have a more pleasurable transportation experience if they engage in conversation with someone else. This can include morning commutes on a train or bus or a more personal taxi ride. During taxi service, you […]

3 Ways To Get Bumped Into Business Flights More Often If You Get Paid To Travel

If you are amongst the approximately 54% of Americans who have never traveled outside of the U.S., it’s time to make a change. Most people are hesitant to travel because they are under the belief that travelling is expensive; however, contrary to belief, travelling doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. In fact, at times, it doesn’t even […]

Investments Tips For Buying A Vacation Home For Rental And Retirement

If you’re looking to buy a second home to serve as a vacation getaway, the second property can end up being a significant and lucrative investment if you choose the right property. For example, when you buy a vacation home, you have to opportunity to rent it out when it is not in use to […]

How to Make a Hotel Feel More Like Home When Staying Long-term

When you go away on vacation or a relaxing getaway, you often want to feel like you’re away from home. But, when you have to stay in a hotel long-term for work or other out-of-town obligations, doing so many feel more like a strain than a luxury. Your stay will be more enjoyable if you […]

Casino Trip Group Planners: Don’t Gamble On Your Party’s Safety While In-Route

Are you organizing a group trip to a casino? If so, your number one step is to get your and your traveling companions’ transportation squared away. Make sure you enact a plan that keeps everybody safe by following the below four tips for casino travel safety. 1. Go With A Charter Bus Once inside a […]