How to Make a Hotel Feel More Like Home When Staying Long-term

Posted on: 26 January 2016

When you go away on vacation or a relaxing getaway, you often want to feel like you're away from home. But, when you have to stay in a hotel long-term for work or other out-of-town obligations, doing so many feel more like a strain than a luxury. Your stay will be more enjoyable if you take a few steps to make your hotel room feel more like home:

Put your clothes in the drawers.

Many people live out of their suitcases when staying in a hotel, even when they're there for weeks. Though this might make packing up easier when it comes time to leave, it's not a very comforting way to live. Put all of your possessions in the dresser drawers. Take the time to sort and organize them, too. If you're concerned about cleanliness, you can wipe the drawers out with some sanitizing wipes before putting your items inside. With your items neatly arranged in the room's furniture, the space will feel more like your own.

Display a few personal photos.

The artwork on hotel walls may be attractive, but it's generic and unlikely to bring up any homey, comforting thoughts. Pack a couple of framed photos of your loved ones in your suitcase, and display them in your hotel room so you don't feel so alone. You may be able to temporarily remove the existing artwork from the walls and place your photos in its place; ask the hotel staff before doing this to make sure it's okay. If you cannot remove the artwork, setting the photos up on a nightstand or table will work.

Spray a scent you use at home.

Scents are amazing at bringing back fond memories. When you smell a familiar scent, it triggers a part of your brain known as the limbic center, which regulates your emotions. You'll experience the emotions you felt the last time you smelled that scent, and memories will come flooding back.

If there's a specific scent you use in your home, bring some of it with you and spray it around the hotel room to make it smell more like home. Whenever you catch a whiff, you'll feel comforted. Also, use the same disinfectant wipes, laundry detergent, shampoo and other products you use at home. The combination of scents will make the whole experience better.

Get to know the hotel staff.

One of the reasons long stays in hotels can make you miss home so much is that you spend a lot of time alone. The hotel staff can't replace your family, but they can help you feel a little less alone so you don't miss home so much. Greet the staff members at the front desk when you walk in. As long as they don't look too busy, strike up a casual conversation. Ask what activities they like to do in the area, and tell them a bit about yourself and why you're in town. Over a few days' time, you'll become more familiar with the staff members and they'll be more friendly to you. You'll feel more welcomed and less alone when you walk through the lobby or grab coffee from the lounge.

Keep food in the fridge.

When you're home, you can reach into the fridge to grab a drink or quick snack. Having this same convenience in your hotel room will make it feel more homey. Some simple snacks to stock in your hotel fridge include:

  • Yogurt
  • Fresh fruit
  • Veggies and dip
  • Sliced cheese

Of course, you can keep non-refrigerated snacks like crackers and granola bars handy, too. You'll enjoy not having to seek out a restaurant every time you want a quick snack.

Before long, your hotel stay will be over, and you'll be headed back home. In the meantime, as long as you follow these tips, you don't have to feel alone and secluded.


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