Questions To Consider When Booking Wedding Transportation

Posted on: 4 August 2016

When you're booking transportation for a big wedding, there are some specific questions that you can ask yourselves to ensure that you get the event you've hoped for. Here are some critical things to consider.

What Type of Car Do You Want?

The first thing to do to narrow your search is to choose the style of vehicle that suits your personality. Stretch limos are traditional and elegant, but a smaller luxury car can be a great option for those who want to be more modern and potentially save money or energy. There are several human-powered transportation options that have become more popular too, such as tandem bikes. 

Which Vehicle Do You Want?

Once you've chosen a style of vehicle, it's time to visit in person to find the best option. You'll want to look at the vehicle for yourself to make sure that you're getting a car that's well maintained. 

How Much Time Do You Need?

Scheduling your transportation takes some finesse, but expect everything to be off schedule by at least 20 or 30 minutes. If you allow for this kind of wiggle room, you can take some of the exasperation out of getting everything moving in perfect time. 

What Kind of Personality Should Your Vehicle Have?

After choosing a vehicle, you might want to look into ways to personalize it. Flowers and signs are popular, but not all transportation companies allow couples to decorate the company vehicles. You can also make your vehicle more personal by choosing a custom playlist to play while you're driving to the ceremony and reception. 

How Will Your Guests Get Around?

Finally, once you've decided about your personal transportation for the couple, it's time to consider what options exist for transporting your guests around. Finding a transportation company with several types of vehicle available can help you streamline the planning process and go through a single provider. 

Party buses and charter buses may be helpful if you have a large group to transport in your wedding. If you need to gather many people from the airport, ask about deals on airport transportation services like Lincoln Yellow Cab to swiftly transport guests to their hotels. Your airport transportation company can help you group guests by arrival time to transport them efficiently to your destination. Finally, if you live in a destination that many guests will want to explore before or after your wedding, you may want to consider investing in metro cards or bus passes as a convenience to guests. 


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