Child Taking Their First Out Of State Trip With Friends? 2 Travel Options For Them

Posted on: 24 March 2017

If your child is taking their first out of state trip with their friends, this can be exciting for them. They do have to consider how they want to travel, however. Driving their own car may be a good choice but they have to take into consideration how much money they will spend on gas, and getting around when they get there, such as if it is a big city. In some cases, parking a car can get very expensive. Below are two different travel options your child and their friends should consider so they can determine what would work best for them.

Use a Charter Bus

Traveling on a charter bus, such as Werner Coach, is one option your child and their friends have, and they will likely find this a fun way to travel. There are different types of charter buses they can choose from but a deluxe charter bus would probably work best for them. This type of charter bus almost always has a restroom. They are also air conditioned and have TV/DVD available for them. There will be USB connections so they can keep their smartphones and other electronics charged during the trip.

What amenities are available does depend on the company your child uses for their charter bus.  Your child and their friends will also be more comfortable, as most charter buses have plush seats, recliners, and head rests. They can make themselves even more comfortable by bringing along a travel pillow, neck support, and a blanket.

Fly to Their Destination

Flying will be much more expensive than using a charter bus but if their trip is long distance it may be the better option. There are ways to save money, however. First, your child and their friends should travel at the cheapest times. The price of the tickets will vary depending on the time, day, and month of travel. Most airlines will let you compare prices across a month to help you determine when it is best to fly. In most cases, flying during the week will be less expensive than flying on weekends. Besides this, it will likely be less crowded during the week.

There are also apps they can download to their smartphones that will find the cheapest flights out of all the airports in the area.

Saving money will allow your child to have more money for their trip, which can result in more fun for them.


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