3 Reasons To Charter A Yacht This Summer

Posted on: 18 April 2017

Choosing how to spend your summer holiday is never easy. In addition to selecting a specific destination, you'll have to decide exactly how you want to spend your time: in an inclusive resort, in a five-star hotel, or maybe in a rented villa. There is an additional option, however, that increasing numbers of people are choosing: chartering a yacht. If this is something you have never considered before, you're not alone. Many people -- even those who are comfortable on the open sea -- have not explored the possibility of chartering a yacht for their summer holiday. So if you're curious about why you should, take a look below for some of the best reasons.

Total Freedom

Perhaps the biggest advantage of chartering a yacht is the freedom it affords you. Like a city so much that you want to extend your stay? There's no need to worry about making hotel reservations or canceling multiple bookings; simply stay in port as long as you like. On the other hand, if you think you've seen all you want to see in a particular locale, there's nothing keeping you from moving on. This absolute flexibility is a big reason why many people choose to charter yachts instead of taking more traditional vacations.

Added Convenience

In addition to the freedom it affords, chartering a yacht is perhaps the most convenient way to travel to multiple destinations. For example, if you're planning to visit three different cities in the span of a week, there's a good chance you'll be so exhausted from packing and repacking that you won't have any energy at the end of the week. Yachting, on the other hand, means you can travel to as many different places as you like without having to pack and unpack your things. It makes travel not just hassle free, but legitimately enjoyable.

Tons of Activities

The devil's advocate might argue that being on the water for extended periods of time would be boring. But the truth is anything but. When you charter a yacht, you have the option to include plenty of other gear in your vacation package. Whether it's snorkeling, SCUBA diving, kayaking, or jet skiing, there's something available for anyone who enjoys water sports. Traveling in the traditional way often leads to long stretches of boredom stuck in a hotel, but when you're chartering a yacht, it is impossible to have a dull moment. 

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