Doing Disney on a Budget? A Few Ways to Save

Posted on: 13 July 2017

A trip to Disney can be a really amazing experience; however, it can also be a really expensive experience as well. Here are a few easy ways that you can cut down on the expense of a Disney vacation while still enjoying all the thrills.

#1 Change Your Mode of Transportation

One of the best ways to cut down on your budget is by changing your mode of transportation. If you were planning on flying your family down to Disney World, look into what it would cost you to drive your family down instead. Oftentimes, even when calculating for gas, meals and an extra night at a hotel if Disney World is more than an eight to ten-hour drive away from where you live, you will still save money by driving. Driving will also eliminate the need for you to rent a vehicle.

So add up what it would cost to fly, including baggage fees, meals in the airport or airplane, transportation shuttle to and from the hotel as well as car rental fees, and then add up the cost of gas, meal breaks, and lodging and see which one is least expensive. By spending some time in the car together, you can save money that you can instead invest in doing more fun activities when you get to Disney World.

#2 Go During the Non-Peak Times

Second, don't try to get your Disney vacation in around the Christmas holiday season, spring break or summer break. Instead, see if you can visit Disney during an off-peak time. A travel agent or even the booking agents at hotels around Disney should be able to tell you when off-peak travel occurs.

You can save a lot of money by going in off-peak times. Generally, all the hotels offer a discount on their rooms during off-peak times to ensure that they get the business they need. Disney even offers ticket price breaks when you go during the off-peak season.

#3 Stay at Disney

Third, a great way to increase the fun of a Disney vacation and actually save money at the same time is by staying at a hotel that is owned by Disney. Hotels that are owned by Disney can offer you a host of benefits. To start with, they can provide you with all the transportation you need within the park. They have great breakfasts, lots of activities for the kids, and offer poolside areas to relax when you need a break from all the rides and shows. You also get to cut down on travel stress because you are already on Disney property. 


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