Going It Alone--4 Tips For Great Solo Travel At Disney World

Posted on: 26 July 2017

If you want to visit Disney World but don't have a travel buddy, you may be reticent to book those tickets. But don't worry! You can have a great time indulging your even without people to go with. Here are 4 tips for anyone planning their next vacation.

Skip the Lines

One of the best things about visiting a theme park on your own is that you can often navigate the lines faster and easier. Some big rides offer "single rider lanes" that slip individual riders into open spots as they become available. Take advantage of these first and then be sure to use your Fastpass options to skip a few more lines. Check with your resort staff to see if there are ways to speed up reservations and events at the hotel too. 

Enjoy the Resort

Book a hotel or resort that fits your personality, is a safe environment for individual travelers, and offers lots of fun things to do in your downtime. And then feel free to make full use of it. Research the resort options online before traveling and book a few fun things like a spa visit or a special meal. But don't spend all your time alone in your room or doing solo activities. Get out and engage with fellow diners and travelers, take walks to enjoy the views, or book yourself into group activities.  

Get Pictures

Don't forget to make sure you get some pictures of yourself having a great time. Consider paying for at least one professional park photo during your trip. And if you're not already a master selfie-taker, practice getting the right shots before you go. You should probably also bring a selfie stick (not on the rides!) so that you can get even better pictures that highlight more of your trip. And don't be shy about asking Disney employees or those at your resort to take photos of you. Remember...they want everyone to have a good time. 

Do it Your Way

Traveling solo means you don't have to take into account other people's interests, time tables, or concerns. You can plan the trip you want to have without consulting anyone...or apologizing for what you really want to do. If you're tired of walking the parks and would love to take an indulgent afternoon nap at your hotel, go ahead! Want to try a new restaurant or meet a Disney princess for breakfast? Do it! Have the vacation you want while you're unfettered. 

Traveling by yourself can be a freeing experience that both gets you out of your comfort zone and allows you to embrace being who you are. After you enjoy your first solo trip, you might then enjoy booking future trips at places like The Breakers Hotel.


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