Workout Enthusiast? Look For A Vacation Rental That Has These Things

Posted on: 10 May 2021

If you're passionate about staying in shape, there's a good chance that you won't skip your daily fitness regimen when you're traveling. When you're searching online for a vacation rental that you'll use for one or more nights while you're away from home, it's important to keep your commitment to fitness in mind. Browse the available listings until you can find a vacation rental that offers a number of things that will support your daily workouts. Here are three specific amenities that will often be available.


Perhaps the most important amenity to look for when you rent a vacation rental is access to a gym. There are all sorts of scenarios to consider. If you're looking at a home, you'll want it to have a home gym. This might be a room in the basement that is filled with weight machines, or maybe there's dedicated space in the garage for working out. Some vacation rentals are in condo buildings. If you're looking at this type of accommodation, it may allow you to use the condo's gym during your stay. In either scenario, the online listing for the vacation rental should include one or more photos of the gym space. You can assess them to ensure that they'll meet your needs.


While it might seem like a small deal compared to a gym, it's handy if you can rent a vacation rental that has a blender. You'll be using the kitchen during your stay, and this typically means that you'll have access to the small appliances that are present. It's common for vacation rental listings to reference which appliances are available for guests. Many workout enthusiasts use blenders to make protein smoothies for meals or for after workouts. While you could theoretically travel with your own blender, doing so would be a nuisance if you're planning to fly to your destination.


A lot of people who work out enjoy using a sauna for their post-workout recovery. If you belong to a gym near your home, you might make spending time in the sauna a part of your daily workout. While saunas are a fixture at gyms and resorts, you'll increasingly find them in peoples' homes and yards, too. Browse the vacation rental listings to look for this amenity. You may find that lots of vacation homes with home gyms also have small saunas that guests can use during their stay.

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